Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Poster Roundup

Too many posters have arrived over the last few days that had me wanting to make an entry about them, so here they all are in one easy to consume piece. I'm nothing if not convenient.

Adam Elliot's Mary and Max finally gets a poster. I like the comical gothic style of it and it definitely doesn't feel like a poster for something else but with the wrong title popped on. I don't think it's enough to sell the movie, however, and hope there's another one coming out soon.

Say wha...?

You put Monica Bellucci (holding a gun!), Julianna Moore, Winona Ryder, Maria Bello, Robin Wright Penn and Alan Arkin in a movie and nobody tells me? Poor form. Of course, Keanu Reeves, Blake Lively (who I've never seen in anything, but... blegh) and... Mike Binder? What's he doing there? Anyway, those few people don't elicit much confidence. This The Private Life of Pippa Lee movie is directed by Rebecca Miller, whose Personal Velocity I just happened to watch a couple of weeks back.

Why is it that indie movies so often have such interesting posters? Is it because they have to try and convey as much theme and mood as possible to get people interested? Is it because they don't have the money to hire someone who make the same poster you've already seen a dozen times this year and instead have to get someone who actually has a vested interest in the movie being successful? Is it because they can get away with stuff with bigger movies cannot? Yes, Yes and Yes. Generally.

You know what? For all the movies in which Jason Statham (we like him, remember) has appeared shirtless (it is a lot, remember) not one of them has the poster art actually featured him sans shirt. It's a crime, I say. And while this piece of work isn't exactly... sexing it up (he looks more Vinnie Jones in the face than Jason Statham), but hello: WE HAVE NIPPLE.

Eventually he will appear full frontal and it'll feel like a natural progression.

I'd also like to point out that The Burning Plain currently has two international posters listed at IMP. Let's take a look at them, shall we?

One uses the stripey pattern and the other uses the box pattern. MY HEAD IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE!


Dame James Henry said...

Argh, those Burning Plain ones are just awful. Seriously, why do these companies get paid so much just to recycle the same four styles over and over again?

By the way, have you seen the poster for the new Zac Efron movie 17 Again? Lord knows I love my Zac, but that poster is hella lame. I totally understand that he's the star and probably the only reason a lot of people (myself included) are going to see it, but that picture of him could be applied to any random comedy and it would fit.

RC said...

i think you're right about the indie posters being far more interesting.

J.D. said...

I never realized Blake Lively and Robin Wright Penn looked so much alike?