Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Terrence Howard Must Really Like Me

I mean, why else would he go out of his way to say stuff that he knows I'm going to regurgitate on here. I admit to indulging in silly gossip, but I tend to avoid mentioning it on this here blog because... well, if you wanted a bitchy queen's opinion on Katie Holmes' "shocking new diet" then there are plenty of other places to go, but I just had to mention this. Apparently Terrence Howard thinks Chris Brown - ya know, the man charged with assaulting his girlfriend, the immeasurably more talented than him Rihanna - is "a great guy" and that, through it all, "Rihanna knows he loves her."

It'd be sweet if she didn't have the facial bruises and bite marks to prove it (APPARENTLY!!).


FranklinBluth said...

My God. It is as if someone wrote a thesis 'How to be the biggest fucking wanker ALIVE' and Terrence Howard is living it. Page by page. Chapter by chapter.

Can you imagine his PR manager trying to stop him from doing this!?!?

Dame James Henry said...


Anyone who is defending that woman-beating douchebag after what he did to Rihanna is a complete moron and deserves as little respect as said woman-beater.

Mark said...

It would be one thing if Howard made some sense. "It's just know?" Women beating is life? Ugh.

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