Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Push (zing!) to Make Mo'Nique an Oscar Nominee in 2010 Starts Here

Did you get that? DID YOU GET THAT? I am so clever doncha know.

Oh god, PLEASE let the star of Phat Girlz, Soul Plane and the host of Flavors of Love: Charm School be an Oscar nominee come January 2010. I think in light of the current world economic crisis and within the midst of war and terror the one thing that will bring us all together - people of every race, gender, sexuality and age - will be the surreal sight of Mo'Nique as an Academy Award nominee (or, let's go for it, WINNER). It absolutely must happen. Who cares about Kate Winslet finally winning an Oscar when Mo'Nique could have one in just one year and one month. The sight of Sean Penn (knock wood) handing the statue to her would surely make the world's television sets explode.

Mo'Nique: Your best actress for 2010.

When I was on holiday in America in 2006 I was constantly surrounded by posters for this Phat Girlz movie. As somebody who had only ever seen her hosting cooking segments on Entertainment Tonight (?!?) it absolutely baffled my mind. Who was she? What was she? Will she devour us all? hmmm...


Guy said...

It seems to be more a supporting performance, so I'm guessing it'll be the ghost of Heath Ledger (or maybe just a randomly selected proxy -- boooo) handing Mo'Nique the statue rather than Rourke/Penn. Sorry.

But I'm happy, because that frees up Rourke/Penn (how much more exciting is that slash-pairing than Frost/Nixon?) to hand the Best Actress award to Fantasia Barrino for "The Colour Purple: The Musical."

This move would neatly hand Oprah Winfrey credit for both female acting awards, as well as remind people that Jennifer Hudson was not the outstanding talent of American Idol Season 3.

So you keep pushing for Mo'Nique, while I'll get my Fantasia FYC campaign underway. We're all in this together.

Dame James Henry said...

Academy Award winner Mo'Nique

God, I love the sound of that.