Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Of All The Movies In All The World...

I was in Readings on Lygon St this past Sunday and whilst perusing through the sales section I came across a book. A book that horrified me so deeply that a shudder shook through me to my very core. "WHY?!?" I screamed. "Oh all the movies to release a book about, why..."

Miss Potter, of course!

And if you would like to purchase The Making of Miss Potter: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion by Garth Pearce then you can do so at Amazon (alas, with different art work).

If you can't quite make out how much the sticker says this (priceless, I would think) luminary tome is worth, it is going for $14.95. Considering there was a book on queer cinema poster art going for just a dollar more, I think you can tell which book I would have preferred to purchase.

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