Friday, February 20, 2009

Now Presenting: The AMAZING Pet Shop boys

How fuckin' EPIC is this?

Oh man, The Pet Shop Boys are brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. This performance at the Brit Awards this past week is just out of this world amazing, isn't it? A medley of a whole bunch of their hits from "West End Girls" to "I'm With Stupid" to "It's a Sin" and so on. Of course, Lady GaGa and her travelling circus had to show up and potentially ruin things. Did you know she doesn't know who Girls Aloud are? POP BLASPHEMY! Someone needs to tell her that she is not Dusty Springfield and should never try, mmkay?! Ugh. That "avant garde" shit is odd. And, to be honest, just placing your robot arm in a weird pose doesn't actually make you avant guard. It just makes you weird.

The performance as a whole, however, is still brilliant.


Dr Greg Heinrich said...

Wow. This made my day. Lady Gaga is actually okay in this - good thing she got off before she overstayed her welcome.

I may be showing my ignorance but who's the dude who joins them for "It's a Sin"?

Cal said...

Greg, that guy is the lead singer of The Killers. I don't know what he's doing there either. Before the performance he introduced them and told this story about how he only had money to buy one CD when he was a kid and he chose the Pet Shop Boys' discography.

This performance is indeed brilliant, although it's a shame it couldn't be a bit longer. There wasn't enough of each song for my liking. The new one, Love etc. is brilliant and I can't wait for Yes.