Saturday, February 28, 2009

Don't Drop the S.O.A.P.

Do you remember S.O.A.P.? I sure do. Oh man, do I ever! They had that completely and utterly BRILLIANT pop song "This is How We Party" back in 1998 from their album S.O.A.P. (Not Like Other Girls). As far as I'm aware that's been their own album, it also housed another hit called "Ladidi Ladida", which is very good too. The album sleeve (left) for the album is kinda one of the best ever, no? Love the movie poster motif, obviously, with track listing as credits block and the "Presenting Heidi and Line in a RAMBAMS Production" pre-title tag. A motif that is carried along into the videos.

"This is How We Party" and "Ladidi Ladida" for your viewing/listening pleasure.

Wikipedia tells me they released a second album in 2000, but it was only a hit in their native Denmark.

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Arloted said...

i LOVE this album. Haven't heard the second one except "soap is in the air" which may be one of the catchiest songs on earth.... not as good as anything on this album... too polished.