Sunday, February 8, 2009

Capsule Reviews: Darling, Quantum of Solace, Make it Happen

Sorry to all my readers. I've just had a few days where I could literally not think of a single thing to write for you guys. It's frustrating!

I watched three movies yesterday because the weather was vile (I believe it got to something like 120 degrees in the old scale) and my brain had switched itself off to preserve energy. I finally got around to watching Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956 version), which was great fun. Doris Day was really great although the mass appeal of James Stewart continues to allude me outside of titles like The Philadelphia Story. We are not going near It's a Wonderful Life, okay! *shudder* B+

Then there was Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story, an Australian documentary about the title-bearing South African satirist. Was quite informataive and Uys is a wonderfully funny and eloquant man. You could do worse than buffing up on your history of this man as he's quite important. It also reminded me that South Africa is a really interesting nation and that I need to see more movies from there as I am a fan of recent titles such as Yesterday and U-Carmen. The doco loses a grade though for only being 50 minutes, such a shame. B

I also watched Quantum of Solace. It was... pleasant. I liked it as a movie, but not as a James Bond movie. I miss Q, I miss the gadgets and the martinis and the catchphrases and the euphemisms for "vagina". B-

I also watched Make It Happen a few nights ago. I enjoyed it in much the same way as I enjoy most of these kind of movies (unless their names are Honey or How She Move for example), but it's really poor. There were quite a few laughs though. Such as during the opening dance routine where the film's star - Mary Elizabeth Winstead from Death Proof - is mysteriously only seen in closeups and in shots of her character "stretching". The dancing is suspiciously all done while she wears a hoodie and as hair covers her face. mmHmmmm. Also, what the dancing in this movie has to do with "burlesque" is beyond me. D- as a film, but I give it a C+ because I was entertained in the "wow, this is really bad" kind of way and it make me laugh and I guess I'd watch it again if I had to.

And to help make up for being MIA here is... well, MIA! It's "O... Saya" from Slumdog Millionaire, the best thing about that movie fyi. It's also the song that Fox Searchlight are trying to insultingly have Eternal Sunshined from Oscar voters' memories. NOT COOL, FOX SEARCHLIGHT!

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