Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The A Stands for Amazing

Vivica A Fox is the new spokesperson for The Psychic Network (including Christian Dion)! As Defamer states, it "is terrible news for Vivica, but amazing news for the world." Bless her and her sassy lil cotton socks.

I wish the infomercials that screened in Australia were this brilliant (watch it below). I miss infomercials, I really do. I used to sit up until ungodly hours of the morning watching the one for the Aire Core, which was this crock pot like device that cooked everything while you were at work or taking the kids to soccer practice or shooting up in the mall bathroom while your brat kids run around the McDonalds playground. It featured The Mommies who I remember had a sitcom called The Mommies. Shocking, huh? Nevermind, you could put frozen chicken, rice and water in there and at 6pm - VOILA! - you'd have a perfectly made meal. That shit was GOLD! I only wish I could find it online. From what I can tell it was airing as recently as 2001. I'm getting closer to hitting the goldmine!

Anyway, back to Vivica "Amazing" Fox and her Psychic hotline. She says she has used it herself... clearly it wasn't good enough to "change her life" (as on interviewee states it did) because, well, here she is.

Quentin Tarantino must be horrified.

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