Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 01/01/09

Bolt - This animated Disney flick sure looks better than that god awful-looking Tales of Despereaux, which is out next week. Yikes.

Marley & Me - I kind of actually want to see this movie. Does that make me a bad person? It's gotten some good write-ups for a mainstream movie of this kind and, through it all, I am still an Aniston fan.

Yes Man - Jim Carrey not in a Liar Liar sequel.

DVD Releases for the Week

Baby Mama - Back when it was released theatrically I said "it [strikes] me as the perfect DVD movie." And voila, here we are.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army - Hmmm, nope. Still not interested.

Make it Happen - Have I mentioned by penchant for dance movies? Oh yes I have!

Pineapple Express - When I saw the trailers and ads for this movie earlier in the year I really wanted to see it, mainly for James Franco who I knew was going to be excellent. I missed it, unfortunately, but now Franco has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance. Yay! I'm excited for him even though I haven't seen it. Soon enough though, my pretties, soon enough.

TV Screenings for the Week 01/01/09

01/01/09, The Great Escape (1963), C7, 12.00PM - Is it odd that I don't care much for this movie? Because I don't. Hmmm.

01/01/09, Dead Man (1995), SBS, 11.50PM - I've always been wary of this movie for some reason. I see it a lot on DVD shelves and can just never pick it up. Maybe now's the time to sit down and watch it? Stars Johnny Depp and features the final performance by Robert Mitchum.

02/01/09, Liquid Bridge (2003), C9, 12.00AM - I'm sure Ryan Kwantan would like this stricken from his resume now that he has a hit TV series in the US (True Blood).

03/01/09, Bearcub (2004), SBS, 12.50AM - Spanish queer flick that is quite well liked.

03/01/09, Hysterical Blindness (2002), C9, 1.45AM - Despite starring Uma Thurman (who won a Golden Globe) and Juliette Lewis I have never seen this movie. Why, exactly?

03/01/09, Junebug (2005), SBS, 10.10PM - You liked that Amy Adams gal from Enchanted? Why not try Junebug, for which she was Oscar nominated and very excellent. Yes.

05/01/09, Capturing the Friedmans (2003), ABC1, 9.30PM - I wanted to see this documentary years ago when it was nominated for an Oscar, but I never got around to it and had forgotten all about it. Hopefully I can catch it now.

06/01/09, Punch-Drunk Love (2002), C9, 10.50PM - I never have seen this Paul Thomas Anderson film starring Adam Sandler and Emily Watson. It never piqued my interest, but maybe I'll give it a try.

07/01/09, The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957), ABC1, 11.55PM - B-Movie goodness!


Joel said...

Give Hellboy 2 a chance... If only for the amazing Elemental monster sequence. One of the best scenes of the year.

Kamikaze Camel said...

But i just don't care at all.

Anonymous said...


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