Friday, January 30, 2009

Poster(s) of the Day: Hot Hot Hot

Today is a nigh on insufferable 44 degrees Celsius (that's equates to something over 110 degrees Fahrenheit I think) around these parts of Australia so my desire to blog is fairly minimal right about now. It's a heatwave doncha know. And for anyone who knows Melbourne, know this - I just walked through all of Royal Park (and then some) because my tram broke down (and I was only on the tram because the trains weren't running). Note to Connex - It negates the point of having a free fare day - only brought on by your incompetence - if there aren't any trains to catch!

Nevermind, here are some posters to while away a few precious seconds of your time.

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par3182 said...

less heat, pleeease