Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Jamie Bell is In a New Steven Spielberg Movie

What part of that blog entry title do you think gets me more antsy with anticipation? That Jamie Bell is in a movie or that Steven Spielberg is? Hmmm. One look at the blog and you should know your answer. It's fitting that while I had indeed heard the news (I just hadn't had the chance to post about it) I received blog comments, emails and SMS text messages telling me about it. Nice to know I'm so predictable.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm glad that somebody like Steven freakin' Spielberg likes my Jamie enough to cast him in a new blockbuster, but why oh why did he have to cast him in Tintin? I liked the books and I enjoyed the television series when I was a lil tyke, but... really? They're making a Tintin movie? It's been discussed a lot over the last few years, but I never actually though it would come to fruition. Is there a childhood hero as uncool as Tintin? I know he went to the moon and all, but yeesh. NERD ALERT (/primary school).

It's been filmed in motion capture 3D, which I think implies it will be like Beowulf...? If somebody can be bothered reading about this movie once it gets past the cast (Jamie, Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Toby Jones - lovely) and it mentions anything then let me know. If it does follow the path of Beowulf does that mean we should expect Tintin to come out looking like this?

If so, I approve!

And because we can't go through this entry without a picture of the man in question:



J.D. said...

This is probably me just being an ignorant American, but I still have no idea what Tintin is.

Matt Riviera said...

Maybe it's because I'm European but there's nothing cooler when you're a child - ok, a nerdy child - than Tintin. The potential for gay subtext is huge, the cast is appealing and the retro-goodness (the design, the colours, the outfits!) is too hard to resist. This one gets the benefit of the doubt.

Sally Belle said...

Jamie has been attached to this for two years! He started filming yesterday! Yay!

Dame James Henry said...

The words Steven Spielberg and gay subtext just don't go together. The only time it has ever come up in his work- in The Color Purple- it was the weakest part of his movie.

Love Jamie Bell, but I'm with J.D.: What the hell is Tintin?

Glenn said...

A "tintin" is a gay pers... oh, wait. He's a reporter or something to gets up to crazy stuff like going to the moon and (apparently) discovering the secret of the unicorn.