Friday, January 9, 2009

Last House on the... OMGWTFISTHAT?!?!

Have you guys seen the newly released trailer for the remake of Wes Craven's Last House on the Left? The 1972 original is a brutal and terrifying mess (it even has slapstick comedy if I'm remembering correctly) of the film whose honest power comes from the fact that it's just so raw and ruthless. Cut to 2009 and we get a remake filled with - as judged by the trailer - pretty countryside, bizarre torture scenes and the survival of one of the girls (it is no spoiler to say that in the original both girls die quite savage deaths), which sort of makes the whole enterprise a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

found via Quickflix

Wes Craven's debut film was incredibly controversial and like a lot of other "video nasties" of the time was banned in many countries. It was famous for it's poster, which stated "TO AVOID FAINTING KEEP REPEATING IT'S ONLY A MOVIE... ONLY A MOVIE... ONLY A MOVIE..." which I think is quite genius, don't you? Perhaps there is still hope for it though. It does star Garret Dillahunt. We all like Garret Dillahunt, okay!

"Yes you do!"


JA said...

I know I linked to it on Friday, but I didn't actually watch the trailer until yesterday when it played before Th Unborn (OHMYGOD The Unborn is AWFUL) and I was all WTF? too. Very odd choices, story-wise, it appears, and the trailer gave WAY too much away. But yes, I do like Dillahunt and I do like Tony Goldwyn (Ghost!) so I'll still see it, I think. For fuck's sake of course I will; I saw The Unborn on opening weekend. I have no control, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Per Wikipedia, the movie was heavily edited and in the original one of the girls did briefly survive.

The film was originally shot with Mari's parents finding her still alive, identifying her attackers before she dies. Editing and dialogue changes were made to depict Mari as dead when her parents find her. However, in the film when her parents find her, she can be seen moving and breathing, and her parents mouths don't match the dubbed "She's already dead" dialogue.

Anonymous said...


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