Monday, January 12, 2009

Kate Winslet is a Chameleon

Fresh from playing a Nazi sympathiser and a bored 1950s housewife, Kate Winslet showed up at today's Golden Globe red carpet in perhaps her finest performance of all... Beyonce!

Give her an Oscar, now. The mimicry is incredible!


adam k. said...

I was not copying!!! I was saying Slumdog, Fincher, Shanley ever since nominations were announced.

Besides, in the two where I didn't copy you, I was right on both ; ) And a lot of our joint predictions were right.

Didn't you predict Vicky Cristina for picture? I didn't.

Why didn't you predict Bruce Springstein???

adam k. said...

*I meant "a lot of our joint predictions were CRAP"

Typo there. Oops. Haha.

Glenn said...

lol, i was only joking! I thought you did vote for VCB though. Why didn't you? Seemed like an easy bet to me.

Also, I predicted "Down to Earth" because it's not like Peter Gabriel ain't well known and they did give the Original Song prize to Prince's quite dire "Song of the Heart" from Happy Feet two years ago.

adam k. said...

VCB felt uneven to me and not like a complete, coherent film. It was just a nice little fun uneven yarn with a dynamite performance by Cruz. I thought they'd be astute enough to let a win for Cruz be enough. Oh how wrong I was.

I went with Happy-Go-Lucky because it was the only film winning critics' awards, and seemed to stand out as the only prestigy oscary "serious" one of the bunch. Whatever, I was wrong. But I like that they spread comedy honors among VCB/Happy/Bruges the way they did.

I'm so proud of predicting the lead win for Winslet when everyone else had lost faith. But I'm pissed that Slumdog won way more than I ever thought it could, and not only was it undeserving, but I WAS WRONG.

RC said...

kate winslet should totally play beyonce!