Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Just Wasted 10 Minutes of My Life (And I'll Never Get Them Back)

I should know by now not to read Entertainment Weekly's redundant lists (or to get angry at them when I do). Mere tinkering of positions in lists that we've seen on the site - and others - more times than we care to admit. I'm always a sucker for a "Top 20 Scariest Movies EVER" list, but when they're as dully curated as this one then why bother? I think I read that list last year, and the year before that, and yet there it is all over again on their main page for absolutely no reason whatsoever (is it Halloween soon?)

However, I don't think I've quite felt so robbed of my precious time on Earth as I have just now having read EW's ridiculous excuse for a list - "Oscar Do-Overs - The Results of EW's 'Recall the Gold' Poll". It is, quite literally, a waste of everybody's time. In two of the write-up (whenever they bothered to do one that is) they mention "industry voters" as those being surveyed. Call me skeptical, but I think "industry voters" means "whoever walked by the writer's office on Tuesday."

When I clicked on the link I assumed that they would have chosen to public a list of categories that would bring different results now as opposed to when the Oscars were announced and after the first selection I thought to myself "Okay, this could be decent" (Shohreh Aghdashloo really did deserve that Oscar instead of Renee), but it went incredibly downhill from there. Out of the 30 categories that they decided to take polls on (including everything from 1998 Best Actress to 1983 Best Director to 2003 Best Actor to Best Supporting Actor 1988) a staggering 23 went to the original winners. How incredibly exciting!!!

And one of the so-called "do-overs" is Saving Private Ryan over Shakespeare in Love for Best Picture in 1998. Talk about a snoozer, especially since Ryan fans are entirely incapable of considering for one single second that a romantic comedy (and as perfect a written one as you'll ever see at that) could actually be better than a WWII action movie by Steven Spielberg in any regard. *yawn*

The only surprise came in the Best Supporting Actress poll of 1983 where Year of Living Dangerously Oscar winner Linda Hunt tied with Cher for Silkwood. Considering how "omgcher?!?" people are today I would have thought she'd poll lower as well as lose her Moonstruck Oscar (they apparently couldn't be bothered voting on that one).

Other than that if you so choose to read the list you can amaze in the astonishing vote-taking skills of EW and discover that, wowee, people still like Rain Man, Terms of Endearment and Schindler's List while still thinking Jodie Foster, Charlize Theron and Sean Penn deserved their Oscars. And now not only have I lost the ten minutes it took me to gaze through the list, I've lost more writing this angry rant.



RC said...

i read this too and found it so uninteresting and pointless.

an agadashloo win would have been great...i think she's amazing! although if renee was ever going to win, i think the cold mountain win was appropriate.

also...i agree that geena davis shouldn't have won for her obnoxious portrayl in the accidental tourist, but the article is totally worthless.

Scott Mendelson said...

I noticed that too, but then I guess I'm a faster reader than you. I only lost five precious minutes of my life (plus the 30 seconds to type this response in agreement with your assessment).