Friday, January 16, 2009

Glenn Has a Helpful Sugestion For You All

Do not see Alexandre Aja's Mirrors. It's absolutely woeful. Did nobody making this movie realise how ridiculous it all is? I don't tend to have a good track record when it comes to liking remakes of Asian horror movies. I hated The Ring (and it's unaffiliated-to-the-original-sequel The Ring Two) unlike most people. I did, however, think the original Ringu was all sorts of excellent. Then there stupid remake of Ju On: The Grudge was just as bad as the original. I didn't bother with One Missed Call (despite enjoying Takeshi Miike's original) or Shutter. In fact, the only one I like is Dark Water starring Jennifer Connelly, a movie that has more than several similarities to Mirrors, which was a remake of a Korean movie I have not seen called Geoul Sokeuro. As I was watching Mirrors last night I couldn't help but have get the desire to watch Dark Water, whether it be the original or the remake - they're both very good. Much better than this stupid dreck. D-

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Joel said...

Have to agree. And I loved how it changes from being evil mirrors to being anything that has a reflection (ie the awful flooded scene).
And the 'twist' is so pathetic.