Friday, January 16, 2009

Bruce x4

Is everybody else positively quaking with excitement January 27? I know between now and then there are a couple of big days (Obama inauguration, Oscar nominations), but January 27 is the day the new Bruce Springsteen record is released and, be honest, who doesn't have that day marked in whatever calender device they use? I know I do!

...okay, so maybe you don't, but whatever. It's going to be amazing. It includes the Golden Globe-winning "The Wrestler" so there's extra incentive. Because I'm in a Bruce state of mind here are four of my favourite Springsteen songs (as hard as it is to cull). And, yes, they're all live because Bruce's record company has shutdown the embed feature on every one of his music videos. Grrr.

"Tenth Avenue Freeze Out"
"Human Touch"
"My City of Ruin

Bruce is God.

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RC said...

your day is quick approaching. i think you will enjoy the album!