Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Will It Be a "Hot Summer"? WILL IT?!?

Apparently so.

This is the newly released video clip for "Hot Summer", the debut release (a remake of a song by Melrose, I believe) by So You Think You Can Dance Australia runner-up Rhys Bobridge. Yes, a contestant from a dance competition is now singing. Hey, it's not the first time someone from a talent-based reality competition program branched off into other unforeseen occupations and it won't be the last! The song is surprisingly decent and it's already all over Network Ten promos.

Thankfully, we know Rhys can dance so there's a lot of it in the video clip (which is very tribal and very very gay), which is nice for a change in a clip that isn't such scantily clad hussies wearing bad lycra workout gear and fake tits from the alley way behind K-Mart. Enjoy!

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Adam G said...

This disappoints me. Monrose's original is such a great song, but Rhys' version changes a lot of the lyrics and not for the better. Production wise it's quite good, but I don't really think Rhys can sing all that well. It sounds a bit wrong.