Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Tribute Parade

As I was watching the AFI Awards on Saturday night (thankfully I was out and taped them, allowing me to fast forward through a lot of it, painful as it sometimes was) and I realised that we are set for another wave of Heath Ledger tributes. Ledger won the International Actor Award (or whatever) for his performance in The Dark Knight and, as touching - if shonkily produced, why Michael Caton? - as it was, I can't help but feel like it is inevitable that we're going to get gushing tributes for the man from the exact same people who did it back in January/February and, most likely, word-for-word. I mean, there's not really anything new you can add, can you?

And while it was Heath's family that accepted the honour at the Australian awards, I hope Christopher Nolan is ready to give multiple speeches on his behalf as the Ledger family cannot be expected to go to every award show that nominates Ledger on the possibility that he may win.

I hope Nolan - or whoever else they send up to accept Ledger's posthumous prize - keep it simple and brief. Ledger wouldn't have stood up there thanking everybody under the full moon, I'm sure of that.

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Missy said...

It brought a tear to my eye.