Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They Write the Words (That Keep the Whole World Laughing)

I speak, of course, of blog repliers. Those people who think their opinion is the only valid one and who, for one reason or another, hang around blogs that routinely talk about thinks that seem to make them constantly angry. I recently wrote an entry lampooning them and, well, if I didn't just come across the real life version of it over at Oscar Watch, a blog written by Dave Karger.

Here is a sample of the first four replies to a piece on whether Doubt and Revolutionary Road are "dead" in terms of Best Picture. Marvel at it's hilarity.

It's as if I used different aliases and wrote it myself just to mock those sorts of people some but... BUT I DIDN'T! It's all real. I wonder how Karger feels knowing his intelligent well-discussed piece is being read by inane idiot trolls?

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