Sunday, December 21, 2008

SHOCK DEVELOPMENT!!!!: Australian Movie Markets Itself as Something People Might Actually Want to See!

Hot on the heels of an extremely rare case of mass public advertising for an Australian film, an upcoming 2009 release entitled Beautiful (I previously discussed the excellent poster) has actually gone out and is actively targeting people who like to go to the movies. Shocking, I know!

Pardon the bad camera photography, but I had a tram to catch so I had no time to set up a decent shop in the news agency, but needless to say I had to take photographic evidence of this occurrence. Witness it below as the "quite popular" Australian movie mag FilmInk comes with a free DVD that includes the Beautiful trailer and perhaps other things, but as I said I didn't have time to really look. Who knows, maybe this film actually stands a chance of being a mild box office hit? Eh, probably not, but at least they're trying!

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