Friday, December 19, 2008

How They Made The Funny

How I Met Your Mother is routinely the best sitcom on the box these days. How the Emmy voters can give nominations for Two and a Half Men and not Mother is at the same time worrying, strange, frightening and pathologically insane. The cast recent did a photoshoot wherein they replicate memorable moments/people from 2008.

Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Phelps!

Josh Radnor as Shia LaBeouf!

Jason Seigal as... one of those annoying Jonas Brothers!

Cobie Smulders as Carrie Bradshaw!

Alyson Hanigan as Sarah Palin!


And now just because I can - and because it's the greatest moment on television ever produced - here is the infamous "Let's Go to the Mall" clip. How come the Jonas Brothers are #1 and this song isn't? UNFAIR! But seriously, isn't this the single greatest moment of television OF ALL TIME?! I really think it is.


J.D. said...

Those are AWESOME. I'm sad that I stopped watching this (because Gossip Girl is on at the same time). *sigh*

mB said...

I love HIMYM, one of the most (critically - it seems to have kicked into high gear audience-wise) underrated shows on TV right. And: hello? NPH!