Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Glenn's 20 Favourite Actresses

Yes, it's another meme, but this one I can really get behind. I was tagged by Ja at My New Plaid Pants and the aim is to merely state your 20 favourite female actors with a mosaic of some kind. No order, just names.

Sounds easy enough, but honestly, it's not! How to narrow it down to but a mere 20? Obviously, as you will blatantly see, I am more connected to "modern" actresses. I can't help not having seen enough old movies. I try my hardest, I sware!

Joan Toni Judy Jane Jodie
Holly Grace Nicole Vivien Juliette
Shirley Marilyn Michelle Meryl Elizabeth
Lily Julie Sigourney Kate Natalie

Now, that list could change in the next five minutes for sure so don't make me set it in stone. I'm supposed to tag four people so I tag Elgringo of He Shot Cyrus, Joe Reid of Low Resolution, Dame James Henry of Rants of a Diva and Joel from A Whole Lot of Nothing. Enjoy.


JA said...

I love that you included Lily Tomlin!

David said...

Interesting list. No love for Bette Davis?


I love that shot of Michelle because it's so bitch goddess.


Anonymous said...
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