Thursday, December 4, 2008

For Your Consideration... The Black Balloon? Really?

Apparently Elissa Down's quite good The Black Balloon - the highest grossing Aussie film of '08 apart from Australia - is being released in a handful of American cinemas, as distributors are wont to do at this time of year, and are seeking awards. At the film's official American website they have a FYC ad that seems to be pitched to SAG voters with a big BEST ENSEMBLE heading. Although it's what else the ad includes that is baffling me.

Ummm... well, for starters, this movie is not nominated for Best Actress at the AFI Awards. They just made that up. But the most glaring part about this FYC ad is the images they used for the cast members. The ones for Rhys Wakefield and Toni Collette (both AFI nominees if you were wondering) look good enough, but for whatever reason it appears they opted for a publicity photo of Gemma Ward and, what's worse, they made this INTERNATIONAL SUPERMODEL look even more odd than she usually does (but in the "I'm a supermodel / I'm an alien" way). Stranger still is the image of Luke Ford who is not only nominated (and a probable winner) for the AFI award, but he's also moved on to big budget Hollywood movies (The Mummy 3) and THAT is the best picture they could find? That one? It doesn't even look like him (as Luke Ford or as his character for that matter). It's the sort of photo you see of yourself on friends' Facebook photo pages and wince at how bad you look but because the person posting it looks sort of hot they have to keep it up.

Wait, did that make sense?

And then there's the American poster, which seems to be placing as Little Miss Juno with it's yellow photoshopped goodness. The poster is actually quite nice, but I prefer the more "intimate" (as the professional people would say) and altogether quite "dreamy" version (on the right).

The Black Balloon is out tomorrow in select NYC/LA cinemas. You could do worse things than catch Toni Collette washing shit out of carpet, really.


JA said...

Is Toni great in it? Because I will go see it this weekend if you tell me it's a Toni performance worth seeing. That "shit in the carpet" comment isn't selling me, is what I'm saying here.

Anonymous said...

The AFI award is the Australian Film Institute Awards, which are in a couple of days in Australia. Most of the cast is nominated for their AFI's.

Kamikaze Camel said...

It's an easy performance for Toni Collete, Ja, in the same way that she makes everything look effortless. But it's more Little Miss Sunshine than Muriel's Wedding in the "wow that's a great performance" stakes, ya know?