Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Few More Times from the Heart

I watched Francis Ford Coppola's One from the Heart today. I had a craving. I started watching something else of a completely different variety, but couldn't focus my attention on it because I had Tom Waits' glorious soundtrack running through my mind. If you have never seen the movie - don't feel bad, it has a bad reputation - then do try to quick smart. I know it's hated in many circles and it is the film that sent Coppola bankrupt afterall (so, really, it is to blame for Jack.) I know it's seen as some crazy follies by Coppola - that I'm not dismissing - but I just get such a thrill watching it. The entire abandon that the movie throws itself into.

I've discussed my affinity for the movie before so I won't go into it further. Even if you don't feel like watching 90 minutes of Teri Garr and Frederic Forrest complaining about one another while bathed in garish Las Vegas neon then at least seek out the fantastic Oscar-nominated soundtrack by Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle. I've included "Beg Your Pardon" to be listened to below, my favourite from the film. Trumpets are such an underused instrument (er, random I know, but totally true).

I tried finding a clip of the mid-film musical number, but alas it doesn't exist on YouTube, which is a shame. It's the exact sort of balls-to-the-wall craziness that endears me to the movie. Bliss.

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