Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Best Singles of 2008

I originally planned to make my annual list of the best singles of the year a 75 affair. Cap it off before I start to get into the "iffy" singles - the ones I like but are there merely because they can be, which is what I experienced last year. And yet I went to do the list this year and lo and behold I just kept adding song after song and realising I love them all (some, perhaps, against my better judgement) and it dawned on me that 2008 was a pretty darn decent year as these things go.

So, today, on the final day of the year I present to you the 125 best singles that were released in 2008. Now I indeed list SINGLES - unlike, say, Adem with an E who lists anything and everything, a frightening prospect to maneuver through - so you will find songs that appeared on 2007 albums, but were only released this year. And that's also why some of the very best songs I heard this year aren't on there. Lily Allen's "Everyone's At It" was all set to be #1 until she switched lead singles and now she has to settle for a mere #35 listing. sadface. Goldfrapp, too, would be gunning for the number one spot if they released "Little Bird". Alas, they did not, which is a damn shame.

It still baffles me to this very day why The Veronicas never got around to releasing "Someone Wake Me". Absolutely baffled! I did cheat on the list but once and that is with single no. 6. It could have easily been the top place getter, but the album it comes off is hanging in distribution limbo and may not even see the light of an iTunes store so I threw it in there as a sign of solidarity for my absolute favourite Norwegian popette. How her album has been all but dumped by the studio is a crime against humanity. Israeli attacks against Palestine? pfft. Island Records not releasing Annie's Don't Stop? WHERE ARE THE UNITED NATIONS NOW?!

125. Annie - "I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me"
124. Chicane vs Natasha Bedingfield - "Bruised Water"
123. Brandy - "Long Distance"
122. Ladyhawke feat. Pascal Gabriel - "Dusk Til Dawn"
121. Adele - "Cold Shoulder"
120. Pussycat Dolls - "When I Grow Up"
119. Crystal Waters vs Speakerbox - "Dancefloor"
118. Cyndi Lauper - "Same Ol' Story"
117. Little Jackie - "The Whole World Should Revolve Around Me"
116. Solange - "Sandcastle Disco"
115. Moby - "Disco Lies"
114. Alicia Keys - "Superwoman"
113. Take That - "Greatest Day"
112. Kanye West - "Love Lockdown"
111. Alesha Dixon - "The Boy Does Nothing"
110. Iglu & Hartley - "In This City"
109. Shontelle - "T-Shirt"
108. Sugababes - "No Can Do"
107. Gabriella Cilmi - "Save the Lies"
106. Jordin Sparks - "Tattoo"
105. Justice - "Planisphère" [parts 1, 2 & 3]
104. Ricki-Lee - "Wiggle It"
103. Jesse McCartney - "Leavin'"
102. Keri Hilson - "Energy"
101. Jessica Mauboy - "Burn"
100. Seany B feat. Amy Pearson - "B Good 2 Me"
99. Mr G - "Naughty Girl"
98. Coldplay - "Viva la Vida"
97. Michelle Williams - "Hello Heartbreak"
96. Sam Sparro - "21st Century Life"
95. Cut Copy - "Hearts on Fire"
94. Britney Spears - "Womanizer"
93. Black Kids - "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You"
92. Scarlett Johansson - "Falling Down"
91. Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland - "4 Minutes"
90. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - "Dawn of the Dead"
89. The Hives & Cyndi Lauper - "A Christmas Duel"
88. Sugababes - "Denial"
87. Kleerup feat. Marit Bergman - "3AM"
86. NaS feat. Chris Brown & The Game - "Make the World Go 'Round"
85. Jennifer Hudson, "Spotlight"
84. Alphabeat - "Boyfriend [Pete Hammond Mix]"
83. Donna Summer - "Stamp Your Feet"
82. Delta Goodrem - "You Will Only Break My Heart"
81. Jennifer Hudson - "All Dressed in Love"
80. Lykke Li - "I'm Good, I'm Gone"
79. Janet Jackson - "Rock With U"
78. Pussycat Dolls - "I Hate This Part"
77. Lindsay Lohan - "Bossy"
76. Nadia Oh - "Got Your Number"
75. Rihanna - "Rehab"
74. Madonna - "Miles Away"
73. The Last Shadow Puppets - "The Age of the Understatement"
72. Leona Lewis - "Forgive Me"
71. Ladyhawke - "My Delirium"
70. Brandy - "Right Here (Departed)"
69. Infernal - "Downtown Boys"
68. Estelle feat. Kanye West - "American Boy"
67. Santogold - "Creator"
66. Grace Jones - "Williams' Blood"
65. Coldplay - "Lost!"
64. Beyoncé - "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"
63. MGMT - "Electric Feel"
62. Lady GaGa - "Poker Face"
61. Lisa Mitchell - "Neopolitan Dreams"
60. Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris feat. Chrome - "Dance Wiv Me"
59. Cassie - "Is It You"
58. Sugababes - "Girls"
57. Girls Aloud - "The Promise"
56. Cut Copy - "Lights & Music"
55. Justice - "DVNO"
54. Jessica Mauboy feat. Flo Rida - "Running Back"
53. The Presets - "Talk Like That"
52. Britney Spears - "Piece of Me"
51. Kylie Minogue - "Wow"
50. Hercules & Love Affair - "You Belong"
49. Cut Copy - "So Haunted"
48. Sneaky Sound System - "Kansas City"
47. Yo Majesty - "Booty Klap"
46. Duffy - "Warwick Avenue"
45. Uh Huh Her - "Not a Love Song"
44. Sneaky Sound System - "When We Were Young"
43. Sam Sparro - "Black & Gold"
42. Miley Cyrus - "See You Again"
41. Cyndi Lauper - "Into the Nightlife"
40. Ashlee Simpson - "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)"
39. Justice - "Stress"
38. Leona Lewis - "Better in Time"
37. Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown - "No Air"
36. Lady GaGa feat. Colby O'Donis - "Just Dance"
35. Lily Allen - "The Fear"
34. Mariah Carey - "I'll be Loving You Long Time"
33. Ne-Yo - "Closer"
32. Rihanna - "Disturbia"
31. Grace Jones - "Corporate Cannibal"
30. Wyclef Jean feat. Akon, Lil Wayne & Niia - "Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)"
29. Coldplay - "Violet Hill"
28. The Veronicas - "Take Me On the Floor"
27. Empire of the Sun - "Walking on a Dream"
26. Ladyhawke - "Back of the Van"
25. Gabriella Cilmi - "Don't Want to Go to Bed Now"
24. Ladyhawke - "Paris is Burning"
23. Madonna - "Give It 2 Me"
22. Goldfrapp - "Caravan Girl"
21. Pink - "So What"
20. Santogold - "L.E.S. Artistes"
19. M.I.A. - "Paper Planes"
18. Kylie Minogue - "In My Arms"
17. Bruce Springsteen - "Girls in Their Summer Clothes"
16. NaS feat. Keri Hilson - "Hero"
15. MGMT - "Kids"
14. Delta Goodrem - "I Can't Break It to My Heart"
13. Hercules & Love Affair - "Blind"
12. The Presets - "My People"
11. Goldfrapp - "A&E"
10. Kelly Rowland - "Work [Freemasons Remix]"
9. Solange - "I Decided, Part 2 [Freemasons Remix]"
8. MGMT - "Time to Pretend"
7. Michelle Williams - "We Break the Dawn"
6. Annie - "Songs Remind Me of You"
5. Adele - "Hometown Glory"
4. Leona Lewis - "Run"
3. Santogold - "Lights Out"
2. Kylie Minogue - "The One [Freemason's Remix]"
1. Cassie - "Official Girl"

Yes, now I know I promised links to all of these, but I have to do some errands and chores before heading out for New Years Eve celebrations so it will have to wait. I was planning on writing a little something about at least the top twenty, but I think they speak for themselves, really. I've spoken about many of them already right here on the blog and the ones I haven't... well, just go listen to them and hopefully you'll understand.

I know my #1 is a bit out of left field, but that's just how the pieces fell. Cassie is an incredibly transparent r&b singer and her second album has been in production limbo for a while now, but "Official Girl" is truly sublime. Slinky and a little bit sexy with dreamy synths and this young singer's vocals have improved and there's genuine emotion planted into the delivery. So cheers to Cassie for having released the best single of 2008 and cheers to everybody else who managed to find a spot on the list. It was exhaustive and my ears will welcome the rest.

And hear's to 2009. Best wishes. This is Stale Popcorn signing out for 2008!


Catherine said...

Yay Alesha Dixon! She's too low though. ;)

Mierzwiak said...

Good to see Michelle Williams' "We Break the Dawn" at #7, I love that song.

But what the hell is Miley Cyrus crappy song doing on that list? ;]

Dame James Henry said...

I think your list is absolutely amazing, Glenn. I'm glad to see that most of my favorite songs all made the list (although they're a bit too low for me). Never in a million years would I have guessed that Cassie (who I didn't even know released another song after "Me & U") would be your number one of the year. Surprise surprise. I look forward to checking out all of the music on this list that I've never heard before and hopefully I'll catch some great new music.

And, yes, I'll back up Glenn about the brilliance of "See You Again"; can't stand the bitch but that song is classic.

Glenn said...

Don't care about any other songs she's had, but "See You Again" is excellent. That "Sunglasses at Night" sample is gold.

Douglas Racso said...

yay for MGMT!

Anonymous said...


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