Sunday, December 7, 2008

Am I Not The Loving Kind?

If I weren't then I wouldn't present you with the new Girls Aloud video clip for the stunning "The Loving Kind" off of their brilliant masterpiece album Out of Control.

This song was co-written by Xenomania and the Pet Shop Boys so it has the credentials, but damn this song is out of this world amazing. It only just gets pipped at the post for best of album albums (what else but "Untouchable", really?) but, thankfully, the song has been given a half-decent video. It's certainly better than the clips for any of their other 19 singles. I'm loving the look on Sarah though. It's very Madonna circa True Blue via Siobhan Fahey circa Bananarama, no?

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Guy said...

I am so hooked on this song -- like "Call the Shots," it didn't strike as that compelling on first listen, but the epic sadness of it all really gets under one's skin. I think it might be their best single since "Biology."

And I LOVED the video for "The Promise." But that could be my drive-in nostalgia kicking in.