Saturday, December 13, 2008

Accidentally Got Remembered

Sometimes watching Rage can bring the memories flooding back. Such was the case just now as I was planning on going to sleep but up popped "Accidentally Kelly Street" by Frente! This song was a much maligned pop song from 1992 that had drove as many people mad as it did into fits of spontaneous dancing. I was in the former category, although watching it now in hindsight and I recognise the tune, at least, is quite lovely.

However, it reminded me most of all of a D-Generation skit called "Accidentally Got Released", which I thought was hysterical at the time and having just found it on YouTube (!!!) can confirm that, yes, it still is hysterical. I miss these guys. Seeing Jane Hall on stage at last weekend's AFI Awards was lovely. I wish she'd come out of retirement for one of Working Dog's productions. She was always my favourite of The Late Show (and Frontline) crew.

"Accidentally was released / just how it happened no one can explain"


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Anonymous said...

I believe you mean Jane Kennedy, sir.