Sunday, November 9, 2008

Unfinished Jigsaw

I don't envy the, no doubt, lowly set hand who was asked by production designer Laurie Faen to put this jigsaw together on the set of Unfinished Sky. Surely, it took aaages. Nevertheless, this entry isn't about that Aussie movie, but instead about the Saw franchise (now that's a 180 degree turn).

As of last week sometime, the Saw franchise officially became the highest grossing horror franchise of all time at the US box office. That's more frightening than anything that's appeared in the films themselves since the actually-not-bad-but-the-sequels-make-you-forget-that original premiered in 2004. It has overtaken the Friday the 13th series. Let's take a look at how they all stack up (I credit Box Office Mojo for all these as-of-today numbers.)

Saw (5 films) - $335,258,829
Friday the 13th (11) - $315,635,506
Nightmare on Elm Street (8) - $307,420,075
Scream (3) - $293,553,139
Halloween (9) - $275,129,672
The Amityville Horror (4) - $170,533,321
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (7) - $164,925,750
The Omen (4) - $162,520,100
Child's Play (5) - $126,174,126

Note: I didn't include the Exorcist films or the Hannibal Lecter series since they don't fit the bill, although it is quite sad that the majority of young cinemagoers would be far more fluent with the goings-on of Jigsaw and his idiotic schemes than anything in The Exorcist.

Now, Marcus Nispel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) has his remake/reimagining/reworking/rewhatevering of Friday the 13th coming out in February next year (on the 13th, no less) and considering how good the trailer looked (which I've included below) I'm sure it will provide that series with enough cash to supplant Saw as the top horror franchise - at least until Halloween '09 comes around and yet another Saw movie is churned out to a record breaking opening weekend before a record breaking drop as the audience for these movies gets smaller and smaller with each subsequent Jigsaw outing.

I do wonder though why the Saw makers never give their sequels snappy titles like the Friday, Halloween and Nightmare series do. A "Jigsaw's Revenge" would at least give the latest film some semblance of being separate from the other entries in the franchise.

And purely out of interest's sake, I wonder how many films from each of these franchises I have seen:

Friday the 13th - 10 from 11
Halloween - 6 from 9
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 5 from 7
Nightmare on Elm Street - 4 from 8
Scream - 3 from 3
Saw - 2.5 from 5
The Amityville Horror - 2 from 4
Child's Play - 2 from 5

Interesting. I should note that I turned Saw III off after about 40 minutes because I decided to go to bed and then just never bothered watching the rest. I haven't watch one of those god forsaken movies since. I'll feel comfortable knowing my money isn't going into Lionsgate's coffers.


Joel said...

I can completely understand why you turned Saw 3 off. I saw it at the cinema, and decided to never pay to see another Saw movie again. I hated that film. I've never walked out of a film I saw at the cinemas, but this was the closest I ever got.

Glenn said...

I saw the first on DVD, the second on an illegal copy from Bali and the third was too. I feel so bad.

Anonymous said...



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