Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 27/11/08

Australia - There's really no excuse to not know Baz Luhrmann's new movie is opening today. None. And for that I'm speaking about Australians. I saw this last night and a review is forthcoming (how much have I said that lately?) but it will be positive, that you can count on. It's not, however, the greatest movie known to mankind in the history of cinema. Damn. :P I'd like to point you in the direction of a review at Melbourne Film Blog, which I think is really well done. And considering Paul didn't think he would like it, that's quite a glowing endorsement. I agree with him on a lot of points, actually.

Big Stan - This Rob Schneider (he directed and stars) "comedy" that is, surely, so bad it hasn't even received an American release. Aww. We're so lucky down here on these shores, aren't we? We can't get Milk at the same time as the US, but Big Stan? We get it early!

Quarantine - I'm still waiting for Quickflix to send me the original Spanish film [rec]. This horror flick stars Jennifer Carpenter, who you should know from Dexter - and if you don't know her from Dexter then go and watch Dexter! NO EXCUSES, PEOPLE!

DVD Releases for the Week 26/11/08

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Meh. I'll pass, I think. I sort of hated the first one, didn't you?

The Love Guru - Ugh.

Meet Dave - Apparently it's not that bad?

The Savages - Laura Linney was Oscar-nominated for her performance in this dramedy with Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe - This flop X-Files sequel isn't even about aliens, right? The ads, at least, seemed to be about something else entirely. Which is a shame because I used to really love this show.

TV Screenings for the Week 27/11/08

28/11/08, Revenge of the Nerds (1984), C7, 11.15PM - Awww.

29/11/08, Westworld (1973), C9, 1.50AM - One of those movies that will forever be linked to a remake story, this sci-fi film starred Yul Brynner and directed by the book's writer Michael Crichton.

29/11/08, Jurassic Park (1993), C10, 8.40PM - How odd. I've had a craving to watch this movie for the past week or so, but don't own it on DVD. Spooky.

29/11/08, Bad Santa (2003), C9, 9.40PM - They've been airing a few Christmas movies already on tele, but watch when it gets to Christmas Eve and they throw something like High School Musical on.

29/11/08, Dragnet (1954), ABC2, 10.15PM - A recent discussion at Dave Poland's The Hot Blog involved trying to find the first movie-to-TV series and I think people decided on this film.

29/11/08, Team America: World Police (2004), C10, 11.10PM - I've never actually seen this movie in it's entirety. The DVD froze around about the "America Fuck Yeah" moment and I just never got around to getting another copy.

30/11/08, Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001), C9, 1.30 - If you're in the mood for a musical night, perhaps you could follow Team America with this amazing queer rock musical starring John Cameron Mitchell.

31/11/08, Cat People (1942), ABC1, 1.20AM - One of the finest movies ever made, let alone one of the finest horror movies. Fact.

31/11/08, Isle of the Dead, ABC1, 2.35AM - A Val Lewton production (like Cat People) starring Boris Karloff.


J.D. said...

Yeah, it's too imperfect to be the greatest of anything, I think. But MY LORD I loved it. It's lesser compared to MR! (or even R+J maybe?), but it's so beautifully majestic and powerful. I'm still a little drunk from the whole experience? LOL.

Joel said...

[rec] is so awesome! Apparently the remake is almost shot for shot...

Prince Caspian is actually an improvement on the first, although Tilda really needed to be in it more.

X Files 2 is atrocious, and if you don;t know anything about the story, there is a good chance it will make no sense. I only know what was going on because I read about it before hand.

And thanks for bring to my attention that Cat People is on! We watched a bit at Uni and I've been wanting to see the whole thing since then...

Kamikaze Camel said...

JD, I'd rank 'em thusly:

1. Moulin Rouge!
2. Strictly Ballroom
3. Australia
4. Romeo + Juliet

Nothing below a B+ either.

Paul Martin said...

Thanks, Glenn. The film is getting fairly mixed reviews, understandably. One thing that seems to be lacking in most reviews is context. What is Luhrmann trying to achieve? And how successful has he been?

No, it's not the greatest movie known to mankind, but it is a must-see film for Australians. It's Australia on a scale we've never seen before, and it really is one of the best-looking films around. It could have been one of the best in its genre; I get a strong sense (from the first half) that this could have been much, much more. Obviously time and/or money ran out, and the studio forced him to keep to their schedule.

FWIW, my favourite Luhrmann film is Romeo + Juliet. I never particularly liked Moulin Rouge, which I found a big letdown.

redison said...

check out Prince Caspian. As Joel said, its an improvement on the first. Nothing terribly groundbreaking, but better.

J.D. said...

Granted I loved the first one (sorry), but Prince Caspian was disappointing? When the absolute highlight is barely a minute of CGI Tilda...

Glenn said...

I just don't care enough to bother seeking out Prince Caspian whether it's better or not.