Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stepping Up in Three Dimensions

That I liked Step Up 2 the Streets is probably either surprising or expected, depending on how much of my stuff you read. I do have a fondness for dance movies, which is readily apparent so it already had that going for it - although titles such as How She Move and Honey are awful so I don't give them an instant pass - but having said that I generally tend to not like modern day urban music and I loathed the original Step Up. It surprised me to find that I enjoyed it because I actually thought Step Up 2 the Streets was very well done with not only amazing dance routines, but I found it was striving for something a bit more dramatically interesting and it was far more lively with it's cliched premise than many others in the genre.

So when I saw this poster I was... well... it was very odd.

I was entirely aware that they had announced this movie, but until now didn't quite believe that it was true. Honestly! A Step Up movie in 3D?! And, apparently, it's to be set in both New York and Paris. Naturally. Here's just hoping they don't return to the Fame-lite of the original and instead keep digging for something a little bit deeper than your average dance flick. But, even if it fails in that regard we'll still have crazy 3D dancing!

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J.D. said...

How the hell did making everything in 3-D become a lucrative business again?!