Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Revisitng the Hedonistic Days of "X-tina"

In the future, people will obviously wile away tireless hours discussing the many personalities of Christina Aguilera. It's written in the scripture, okay?! And while some may prefer the bubblegum days of her youth ("Come On Over (All I Want Is You)" is still amazing) or the retro glamour of Back to Basics or even the electro Goldfrapp-wannabe of her new material I will always look back fondest on the days when she was not merely Christina, but Xtina. Most specifically "Dirrty". You remember "Dirrty", don't you? The song in which she slutted about with wild abandon. I miss those days.

That moment at the start of the song where the beat kicks in and she introduces herself "Ladies (move), Gentlemen (move)", was like some powerful bold of lightning striking. Of course Redman's original "Let's Get Dirty" was pretty awesome too, but that's neither here nor there. I miss the crotchless/assless chaps and the stripping and the mud wrestling. *sigh* Now she just kind of looks like an oompa loompa mated with Lady GaGa (that being said, "Genie 2.0" is kind of cool).

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Dame James Henry said...

X-tina is still her best personality. Her retro period was more annoying than anything and her early pop princess days produced some great hits, but she was a tad boring. I don't even think Britney would ever get as overtly sexual as X-tina did in "Dirrty" (and boy did she do it well).