Saturday, November 1, 2008

Poster of the Day: Special Halloween Edition

I am transporting you back in time... to yesterday when it was actually Halloween and I merely had no access to a computer at all, let alone the Internet (aah the beauties of post time alternations, huh?). My affections for the poster of John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic, but that film - and the franchise en masse - has a bevy of wonderful poster designs. Here'a a gander at some of them (click to view 'em larger).


That poster for Halloween 5 is another in the long time of images that I have burnt into my memory from those halcyon days of VHS. Walking down the isles of the old video stores (before there were only three franchises) and admiring the designs on the covers of all these movies I had not seen. The horror section was, obviously, quite popular for me. But that Halloween 5 was another favourite of mine. I had no idea why there was a kid dressed as a clown on the cover, although it became apparent a little bit later in life.

And here's a fact for you, I saw Halloween: H20 before I had even seen the original. I was currently going through the teen horror phase at that stage - movies like Scream, The Faculty, Urban Legend, I Know What You Did Last Summer and so on were all "MUST SEES!" and that this one was rated M15+ meant I could see them with my friends without having to get my mum to take us and sit in the back (awww) like I did with Urban Legend. Don't you miss those days? I do. I also miss horror posters where four of five of the most notable cast members are aligned in some sort of pattern. Ooh scary, no?

Lastly, the best one of all *sigh*


leah said...

wicked cool, kam, you da man

leah said...

oh and that freaks me out that you saw 'halloween h20' before 'halloween'