Saturday, November 1, 2008

OMG Australia etc

This is the, apparently, final trailer for Baz Luhrmann's upcoming Australia. People are, again, criticising Nicole Kidman's "botox face™", but I imagine those people are the ones who would can't live without being negative. Hugh Jackman's "welcome to ostraya" bit still amuses me to no end and it's nice to finally get to see some of Bryan Brown and David Wenham actually acting instead of just standing around looking menacing.

All in all it still looks great, but this piece at Hollywood Elsewhere is worrying purely because it's sad to see people continue to unwaveringly anticipate the next nondescript superhero movie, but when something like this comes along all they do is talk about how "doomed" it is. Oy. It's enough to discourage anybody from doing anything different these days. As one commenter writes; "There's nothing in the trailer that suggests anything fresh or interesting." Well, honestly, if they think that's the case then I don't know how they go to the movies at all.

And if you click over to Syms Covington there is a hilarious faux news report that y'all should read (especially any Australians).

The film will hit every cinema screen in Australia on November 26, which has been declared a national holiday.


par3182 said...

judging by that i'm worried i may be arrested for lewd behaviour while watching hugh on the big screen


Glenn said...

You and half the Australian population I would estimate.

Matt Riviera said...

I saw this trailer on the big screen yesterday. I'll admit until then I was a little skeptical about the whole project. But these images made my jaw drop and my eyes sparkle. If he can sustain a good story over the (reported) 3-hour running time, then Lurhmann may just have come up with the over-the-top big screen epic some of us have been waiting years for.

This, like Titanic, is going to be a film people love to hate, one which will be judged before it is actually seen. Whatever the outcome, credit to everyone involved for taking a stab a something which must have looked quite impossible on paper.

Also: check out these costumes.

elgringo said...

I wonder who will like this movie more, Americans or Australians? The country who produced it or the country whose name was used as the title?

syms covington said...

I think australians desperately want to embrace it; I do. Things like tall poppy syndrome and cultural cringe are hard factors to predict though, but I think Baz with his unashamed flamboyance and track record has surpassed this now. Most of the marketing has underwhelmed me - certainly in light of Fox marketing claims - but this trailer, even viewed in crappy flash on my phone, gave me the tingles and shivers. Add to this the amazing iTunes set to screen videos, plus talking to someone that did stuff on the latest reshoots - to discover they were actually pick up shots here and there - and also someone else at Fox who told me rather effusively that the film is "amazing. Just beautiful" and I'm sold. To access the iTunes stuff just set your store to US and you can get them for free.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I've been getting the Set to Screen series already. Fascinating stuff, although it's almost too spoiler-filled.

I agree that while Australia is known of cultural fringe and tall poppy syndrome and the like, I think the movie will bypass that. So many people are legitimately excited about this movie like they wouldn't be for so many others like it. And I think people recognise that movies like this are incredibly rare for Australia as a country and when one comes along they're gonna pay attention.

Plus, despite all our cultural cringe, Australians are also incredibly patriotic and this should have 'em eating outta Bazmark's hands.

Of course, I could be wrong.

Guy said...

What's so hilarious is that various morons on the blogs are complaining that it looks "cheesy" and "old-fashioned" and even this gem: "It looks like it should have been made in the 1950's."

Way to miss the point. Have these people never seen a Baz Luhrmann film before? Is the concept of stylisation so alien to them? Aaargh.

Watching this trailer honestly makes me feel like a kid again -- the "wow" effect is that pure and immediate. I can't wait.

And Kidman looks more stunning here than she ever has before.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Well, it's not all dark and masculine so that's why.

Anonymous said...

With each released scene the acting just looks more and more hammy. It looks good but that's not enough for me.
I have yet to see him direct actors well and without the distraction of the Red Curtain moniker I think this will be even more apparent in Australia.
Wayne Pashley is still mixing the sound so no one that's seen it has viewed the finished version. Talk about cutting it close.