Monday, November 3, 2008

John Malkovich is Getting an Oscar Nomination in 2010

Or, at least, judging by the newly-released trailer he'll be deep in the hunt for one once the film is released next year. Of course, there's also the very real possibility that Disgrace, from director Steve Jacobs (La Spagnola), won't even get a release in America, but considering the pedigree, it's recent win at the Toronto International Film Festival and the fact that it stars an actor of Malkovich's calibre I imagine it'll get a release of some kind. Here's hoping they don't mimic the American release of Japanese Story.

The trailer (which I can't find anywhere to embed, so click the link at the top to view it) makes me even more excited for the film. Malkovich looks really great - he's on an upswing after the dire stretch he had a couple of years ago, no? - as does Jessica Haines in her film debut. The home invasion sequence looks particularly intense.

Looking forward to this one a lot!

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