Saturday, November 29, 2008

Australian Release Schedule

I was discussing Milk with somebody today and bemoaned the fact that we here in Australia aren't being allowed to see it until January 29 - lovely, no? - and then started wondering when all the other notable 2008 movies are to be released. The ones that are gunning for Academy Awards, or were gunning for Oscars or those merely noteworthy directors/casts or titles I particularly have a desire to see. Thankfully it appears most of them will be arrive before or at the time of the Academy Award ceremony. Let's take a look from earliest to last (All dates, as we are well aware, are subject to change and inaccuracies).

Dec. 11.
City of Ember, dir. Gil Kenan
Twilight, dir. Catherine Hardwicke

Dec. 18
Slumdog Millionaire, dir. Danny Boyle

Dec. 26
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, dir. David Fincher
Frost/Nixon, dir. Ron Howard
I've Loved You So Long, dir. Philippe Claudel
Vicky Cristina Barcelona, dir. Woody Allen

Jan. 6
Doubt, dir. John Patrick Shanley
The Wrestler, dir. Darren Aronofsky

Jan. 8
Seven Pounds, dir. Gabriele Muccino

Jan. 22
The Class, dir. Laurant Cantet
Revolutionary Road, dir. Sam Mendes
Valkyrie, dir. Bryan Singer

Jan. 29
Gran Torino, dir. Clint Eastwood
Last Chance Harvey, dir. Joel Hopkins
Milk, dir. Gus Van Sant

Feb. 5
Changeling, dir. Clint Eastwood

Feb. 12
Rachel Getting Married, dir. Jonathan Demme

Feb. 19
The Secret Life of Bees, dir. Gina Prince-Blythewood

Unknown / Unscheduled / Later in 2009
Appaloosa, dir. Ed Harris
The Argentine, dir. Stephen Soderbergh
Blindness, dir. Fernando Meirelles
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, dir. Mark Herman
Cadillac Records, dir. Darnell Martin
The Christmas Tale, dir. Arnauld Desplechin
Defiance, dir. Edward Zwick
The Fall, dir. Tarsem Singh
Frozen River, dir. Courtney Hunt
Guerrilla, dir. Stephen Soderbergh
Miracle at St Anna, dir. Spike Lee
The Reader, dir. Stephen Daldry
Repo! The Genetic Opera, dir. Darren Lynn-Bousman
Synecdoche, New York, dir. Charlie Kaufmann
W., dir. Oliver Stone
Wendy and Lucy, dir. Kelly Reichardt
What Just Happened, dir. Barry Levinson

Needless to say, there are far too many movies with unknown release dates for my liking. I imagine stuff like What Just Happened, Frozen River and Miracle at St Anna will go Direct-to-DVD despite quality/cast/crew. Remember, stuff like Sherrybaby went Direct-to-DVD so it's not just for bad movies. Repo will probably get a run in cult cinemas (ACMI Freaky Friday begs) and it would be very silly to not release Desplechin's A Christmas Tale before Christmas. But, apparently Australians don't like Christmas, so...

At least a couple of these will still be getting cinema releases around June next year and the rest will probably just bubble up into the release schedule when and if they receive award citations. If anybody has any word on the release dates for those films in the final section there could you pass it along? That'd be lovely, thanks!


Paul Martin said...

(Mostly) unconfirmed dates:
Blindness, March 2009
Christmas Tale - you're joking, right? I doubt it'll get a release and is not on any schedules.
Defiance, Feb 2009
The Reader, Feb 2009
Wendy and Lucy, Jan/Feb 2009
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, 23/4/09
Cadillac Records, 30/4/09
What Just Happened, 23/4/09

Paul Martin said...

BTW, Melbourne Cinematheque had a 3 week Arnaud Desplechin season a few weeks ago, which I'm sure you would have loved. The Christmas Tale didn't screen, of course.

Glenn said...

I haven't actually seen any Desplechin, much to my own chagrin, I have just heard such excellent things about A Christmas Tale. I was really disappointed that I forgot about Kings & Queen when it aired on SBS recently.

Thanks for the release date info, much appreciated!

I know ACMI are having a Spike Lee retro soon that may screen Miracle at St Anna, but what I'm most interested in seeing is the free screening of When the Levees Broke in its entirety.

Paul Martin said...

Surprisingly, Miracle at St. Anna does not appear to be part of ACMI's retrospective on Lee, and the film is not on any local release schedules.

Brodie said...

Ugh. Australia sucks.

Anonymous said...
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