Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aussie Movie Rears It's Animated Head in America

Sometimes movies pop up out nowhere, don't they? If I wasn't so fanatical about such things, I wouldn't have known, for instance, that Newcastle was released last week (as it turns out, not many others knew about it either). And so it turns out that the upcoming Australian/Israeli co-production $9.99 is getting a release and I had absolutely no idea. Of course, the release is in America with no word, seemingly, on an Aussie release date. And for a movie that features the voicework (it's animated you see!) of Anthony LaPaglia, Geoffrey Rush, Barry Otto, Joel Edgerton, Claudia Karvan and Samuel Johnson (it's a Secret Life of Us reunion in claymation form!!), amongst others, that's quite odd.

It's release in America, limited in December, is - one presumes - to make it eligible for the Best Animation Feature category at the Academy Awards, for which the film has been submitted. It will compete against movies like Kung-Fu Panda, Waltz with Bashir, Tales of Despereaux, Horton Hears a Who and Bolt (amongst seven other smaller/international contenders) for a spot in the loser's chair of this category as Wall-E is going to take this easily.

Still, it's good to see a movie like $9.99 appear here. I know I only saw movies like Tekkonkinkreet because it appeared on there, so if this means some people take a chance on this weird Australian stop-motion movie then that's all that counts. And, ya know, maybe they can release here too. That'd be swell of them.

Click here for the film's imaginative website. So many colours!

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