Friday, November 14, 2008

At Least It Cost More Than $9.99

...which is more than I can say about a lot of other movie posters lately.

I seem to be quite intrigued by this new Aussie/Israeli stop-motion film $9.99, don't I? Here is a newly released poster, courtesy of Variety. I'm wondering though about the film's Oscar chances. If Australia goes down big with the Academy and with certain nominee Heath Ledger and a possible Cate Blanchett nomination (for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) perhaps the animation branch would like to get in on the act too and throw this little Aussie flick a nomination? Okay, so it's not likely, but it's possible. Especially since, as Anne Thompson at the link I provided, mentions that the other two claymation films that have been submitted in the past have each been nominated and the animation short category routinely has this painstaking stop-motion animated work in play (including the Australian Harvey Krumpet a few years back).

We'll see... we'll see....

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