Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Irontastic News!

I watched Iron Man today on DVD - I somehow missed it at the cinema - and while I wasn't really going to mention it besides perhaps a passing mention of the sexism in how the character of Tony Stark is seen as a hero for banging chicks, drinking heaps and making tonnes of money whereas Carrie Bradshaw is chased through the streets of New York City with pitchforks because she - GOSH! - has the audacity to like shoes and fashion and doesn't have a deep desire to change the world (cause that's all movies should be about, apparently?)

No, I was going to let it slide by in the sidebar with a grade of B+ and probably never mention it again until the inevitable Oscar nods for visual effects and sound effects editing arrive. However, as I clicked open my Internet browser and started "surfing the 'net" I was greeted with delightful news and just needed to share my delight. From Rama's Screen.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Don Cheadle has replaced Terrence Howard in the sequel, IRON MAN 2 sources close to the deal said negotiations with Howard fell through over financial differences, among other reasons.

My hatred for this vile and retched beast of a human being is well documented. He's a smug arsehole and I hope he never sets foot on a movie set ever again. So, yes, I was beyond thrilled to learn of his firing (or, more likely, quitting, but I prefer to imagine that the studio dumped him not vice versa). It figures that it is apparently for "financial differences" considering he probably sees himself as Will Smith when really he's only a Wayans brother. And any situation that allows Don Cheadle to take over from that pompous pathetic dickhead of a man is one that should be taken.

I can actually look forward to Iron Man 2 (please, don't call it Iron Man: War Machine and the Temple of Iron Versus the Metallic Heart Machine of Doom or whatever crazy title they could potentially come up with) with the sound knowledge that Terrence Howardigetacareer will be nowhere in sight. Let's rejoice!

Don Cheadle > Terrence Howard, true dat!


Scott Mendelson said...

Pardon the blatant plugging of my own stuff, but I wrote a detailed essay a couple weeks back comparing Sex And The City (as female escapism) to movies such as Iron Man or Transformers (male escapism) and why the critical community was so bitter toward the former. It's long, but it should be right up your alley.

Scott Mendelson

Rama's said...

"he probably sees himself as Will Smith when really he's only a Wayans brother"

Haha! That's a funny statement.
Good one :)

I'm a big fan of SEX AND THE CITY

Don Cheadle is a definitely a better, more talented actor than Terrence Howard but we'll see if he could create the same impression alongside Robert Downey Jr. in IRON MAN 2


FranklinBluth said...

I agree with rama, that was a a funny statement...

however, you may need to be more specific as to which Wayans brother. Marlon has proven that he can be a decent actor, ie. Requiem for a dream.

leah said...

kam, your loathing of terrance howie is so amusing, please don't ever have a change of heart. let 'im have it! :D

and good point about the double standards to which women are subjected re: the behavior of carrie b. in 'satc' and tony s. in 'im', too right.

scott mendelson, i'm curious to hear your thoughts on the matter, i look forward to reading your piece.