Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 23/10/08

Brideshead Revisited - Cinematic retelling starring Emma Thompson.

Celebrity: Dominick Dunne - Australian documentary about the Vanity Fair writer who has lived a fascinating life. Sounds really great.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - This movie, starring Simon Pegg, Kirsten Dunst and the chick from Transformers, seems to be getting a decent-sized marketing push here. Odd, considering it absolutely DIED at the American box office and when that happens a movie tends to go direct-to-DVD.

Monkey Puzzle - Australian drama about a group of bushwalkers lost in the Blue Mountains. It definitely sounded interesting when I read about it a few months ago, but David & Margaret's critique wasn't as encouraging.

Saw V - Surely this is a joke, right?

The Women - Meg Ryan, Vanessa Williams Annette Bening, Jada Pinkett Smith, Eva Mendez, Debra Messing, Bette Midler, Debi Mazer, Candice Bergan, Carrie Fisher, Cloris Leachman, Joanna Gleason, etc. Shame the movie is, apparently, such a dud.

DVD Releases for the Week 23/10/08

First Sunday - Apparently LL Cool J has been making these "Sunday" movies. I'm not sure if any of them ever got a release here.

Flawless - Demi Moore and Michael Caine. DEMI MOORE AND MICHAEL CAINE! There are so many things wrong with that sentence.

Happy-Go-Lucky - Mike Leigh's comedy starring Oscar-buzzed Sally Hawkins who I actually thought was also quite great in Woody Allen's Cassandra's Dream earlier in the year. I guess she does lower-middle class really well!

The Incredible Hulk - No.

Shutter - Another American remake of an Asian horror flick. Stars Aussie Rachael Taylor and Joshua Jackson.

What Happens in Vegas - Should stay there and NEVER BE RELEASED.

TV Screenings for the Week 23/10/08

24/10/08, Bandits (2001), C7, 12.00PM - An actually funny comedy starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett.

24/10/08, United 93 (2006), C10, 8.30PM - Last week on Friday night we got Munich and this week it's United 93. What's wrong with these programmers? Seriously!

25/10/08, Bad Girls (1994), C7, 12.00AM - Because sometimes an idea sounds so bad it has to be seen to be believed. Andie Macdowell and Drew Barrymore IN A WESTERN?

25/10/08, Sleepers (1996), C10, 8.30PM - For a movie that stars Brad Pitt, Robert DeNiro, Minnie Driver, Brad Renfro, Billy Crudup and Dustin Hoffman I never hear this movie mentioned. Ever.

25/10/08, The Magnificent Ambersons (1942), ABC2, 10.30PM - Because it's one of the greatest movies ever made and you absolutely MUST see it. MUST!! Agnes Moorehead's performance truly is a thing of wonder.

25/10/08, Dawn of the Dead (2004), C10, 11.35PM - Still one of the best horror pics of the dead. And one of the best actions pics, too. I reckon this would sneak onto my Top 10 from 2004 if I really thought about it.

26/10/08, With Honors (1994), C9, 1.50AM - More to see where Madonna's amazing "I'll Remember" comes from than anything relating to wanting to see Patrick Dempsey with a dirty mo'.

27/10/08, Dirty Harry (1971), C9, 10.45PM - I've never seen any of the "Dirty Harry" movies. Is that wrong of me?

28/10/08, A Woman's Secret (1949), ABC1, 2.30 - The description in the guide sounds tantalising - "A former singer kills her protege" and stars Maureen O'Hara and directed by Nicholas Ray (Rebel Without a Cause). Oh, yes!

29/10/08, The Death of Mr Lazarescu (2005), SBS, 12.05AM - All these Romanian films keep popping up on TV and then I forget to watch them. Ugh! I really want to try and see this one though as I've heard exemplary things about it.

29/10/08, The Quiet American (2002), 7HD, 1.00PM - Michael Caine received an Oscar nomination for this Phillip Noyce-directed war drama.


J.D. said...

...starring Oscar-buzzed Sally Hawkins who I actually thought was also quite great in Woody Allen's Cassandra's Dream earlier in the year.

Yes! Even though I thought the film completely blew, she was really, really good and genuinely interesting. Colin Farrell, too. Everybody else? Not really.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I think it's becoming a bit sad for Ewan McGregor. Has he given a good performance in the last five years? I don't think he has and he was really quite awful in Cassandra's Dream and Deception, so he doesn't look to be emerging from his rut anytime soon. I didn't mind Cassandra's Dream. It was definitely "slight" and nowhere near as engrossing as the strikingly similar Match Point, but Allen did some good stuff in it. The stalking/murder sequence especially was more tense and thrilling than more successful movies.

Syms Covington said...

I thought United 93 was brilliant.

I hated Quiet American. Phil Noyce has had more hits and misses than Neale Daniher. Then again, I think Newsfront is overrated.

par3182 said...

demi moore and michael caine have acted together before in the 1984 sex romp 'blame it on rio'

relax, she plays his daughter

Glenn said...

I may (cause it's not like i'd outright admit it) have seen Blame it On Rio, which is why the idea that these two thought working together again was a good idea baffles me TO THE VERY CORE! If you check out the film's Wiki page you'll get a good laugh whether you've seen it or not. Choice lines from the plot synopsis:

"Jennifer is told by her father to cover her bare breasts but refuses, instead dragging her father and Nikki into the water to play."

"Matthew later falls in love with amorous Jennifer during a Brazilian wedding, and they embark on a secret (and somewhat one-sided) sexual relationship."

"Jennifer tries to commit suicide with an overdose of birth control pills; needless to say, she survives."