Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 16/10/08

Burn After Reading - I very much want to see this followup to the Coen Bros' Oscar-successful No Country for Old Men. Starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, John Malkovich, Richard Jenkins and JK Simmons.

Crooked Business - A Gold Coast-set crime action flick from the writer of Gettin' Square, but seemingly minus that film's talented actors and general non-amateurish look.

Man on Wire - Documentary about a man who walked a wire between the World Trade towers.

Max Payne - Apparently this was a popular computer game... which, in theory, means it will be a bad movie. Right? Mark Wahlberg's career is so bizarre. Just a year and a half ago he had an Oscar nomination and this year he's got this and The Happening (out now on DVD). That's strange, right?

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie - Sorry, I have no idea what or who these people are other than "Canadian". Oh...

Young@Heart - Documentary about a group of seniors who start a rock band. It is apparently quite the audience pleaser and considering the way these sort of movies play for a very extended amounts of time in Australian cinemas, I expect this one to follow the pattern and be around for quite some time. Love that poster, don't you?

DVD Releases for the Week 16/10/08

21 - Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth play a group of Asians who cheat Las Vegas. Well, when I say "play a group of Asians" I mean they were Asian in the book and have been changed to white folks. Same dif' really. :|

Otto; or Up with Dead People - Queer zombie flick from Bruce LaBruce.

Sex and the City: The Movie - I have seen standees for this movie in the DVD stores around my work for the past month advertising pre-sales of the movie. I haven't seen any for Indiana Jones or Iron Man, although surely there will be the same for The Dark Knight soon. Nevertheless, I want to question why they didn't use their DVD design (right) for the theatrical poster. It would have been better than the strange monstrosity that was the one they actually used. It's actually a good design. It shows off all four ladies, but gives obvious prominence to Sarah Jessica Parker. All the ladies actually look nice and the colours all pop. Oh well, this is bound to be massive, no?

TV Screenings of the Week 16/10/08

17/10/08, Romeo is Bleeding (1993), C9, 12.00AM - My favourite class at school was media studies. The room we were in was decorated nearly floor to ceiling with posters. One of which was Romeo is Bleeding and I've never gotten around to seeing it even thought it fascinated me.

17/10/08, Munich (2005), C7, 8.30PM - Because isn't this the sort of movie you want to sit down and watch on a relaxing Friday night? I still maintain the first half of this movie is brilliant and the second half is most definitely not. I like serious politically-charged movies, I do, but the first half of this was so well done that when it really got into the personal drama stuff and the repurcussions and etc etc I gave up, which is a shame.

18/10/08, Monster House (2006), C9, 7.30PM - The terrible Shark Tale is on another channel at the same time, but why waste time with that when you can relive the bountiful fun that was Monster House?

18/10/08, Pretty Woman (1990), C7, 8.30PM - Years and years ago I had a copy of this movie on VHS that I recorded off of the TV (pausing during the ad breaks, natch) and watched it so much. For some reason this tale of Julia Roberts (I was a big Julia fan back then you see!) going from trashy hooker to classy socialite struck a cord with me as a wee young lad. Haha. And, yes, I still listen to the soundtrack. Roxette's "It Must've Been Love"! Natalie Cole's "Wild Women Do"! Go West's "King of Wishful Thinking"! Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman"! Bliss.

18/10/08, No Direction Home (2005), SBS, 10.00PM - last week SBS aired the Bob Dylan doco Don't Look Back and now they're screening - this is part one - Martin Scorsese's award-winning Dylan documentary. Not sure why they didn't do this earlier this year when Todd Haynes' Dylan semi-biopic I'm Not There was being released.

19/10/08, Flight of the Phoenix (1965), C7, 11.30AM - I haven't been able to subject myself to the 2004 remake of this classic adventure flick.

19/10/08, Cat Ballou (1965), C9, 2.00PM - Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin western.

19/10/08, How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy it) (2005), ABC2, 8.30PM - Documentary about Melvin van Peebles, the man who revolutionised black cinema with Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song in 1971.

21/10/08, Below (2002), 7HD, 1.00PM - Average creepy thriller set in a submarine from the director of far superior Pitch Black and The Arrival. The best scare involves tapping from outside the sub', but the rest of the film doesn't measure up.

22/10/08, Break of Hearts (1935), ABC1, 1.40AM - Katherine Hepburn romantic drama.

22/10/08, Morvern Callar (2002), SBS, 10.30PM - I was watching this when it was on TV a year or so ago and... I... er... I fell asleep half an hour in. Maybe I should try and watch the rest? I love the soundtrack (I own it!) so that's something, right?


FranklinBluth said...

My expectations of 'burn after reading' are officially too high after Margaret and David both gave it a rave review last night on the movie show.

can't wait!!!

Dame James Henry said...

Roxette's "It Must Have Been Love" is a brilliant song. One day I was nostalgic for it and I randomly bought it off iTunes. I haven't seen Pretty Women in years and had no idea that they used the song in there.

RJ said...

I absolutely love Morvern Callar. It's very . . . quiet and strange, but it sort of reminds me of a WKW film.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yeah... I wasn't that keen on it. But, as I said, I only saw roughly 30 minutes of it because I drifted off to sleep and when I woke up stuff was happening that I didn't understand and when I went to get a drink and came back the credits were rolling. Fun times.

syms covington said...

The whole of Munich was great up until the bizarre sex catharsis scene at the end, which was too much too close.

Sally Belle said...

Morvern Caller...yes, watch the rest. ass...I love Sturgess, but not in this, and not paired up with Skeletor.

Catherine said...

I love Monster House. LOVE! When I saw it in the cinemas, I literally gasped aloud as playing over the closing credits. And then, walking out of the cinema, I ran into a pair of girls I knew from school.

Me - "omg wasn't that a great film??"
Them - "That was the worst film we've ever seen."

And you hafta see Man On Wire.