Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seriously Queer

We all know that Network "Seriously" Ten (speaking of seriously, what does that slogan EVEN MEAN?!?) ferociously chases the "youth" market with every fibre of their being, but has anybody noticed lately that their flagship program Australian Idol has taken a particularly queer bent lately?

Two Weeks ago featured gay icon Cyndi Lauper as guest judge and Idol "mentor" in a week dedicated to tunes from the 1980s (a very gay ol' time, indeed) while last week openly gay ex-Savage Garden singer (and amazing solo singer) Darren Hayes filled the position sprouting such eloquent phrases like "I'm right behind you." Now to just make a it a little bit more gay - and, naturally, a little bit more uncomfortable for the totally 100 per cent no doubt hetero male contestants - next weeks theme is...


I know Australia is all "ABBAmania" or whatever, and the recent Mamma Mia! was a huge (HUGE) hit, but... really...? ABBA? I don't wanna hear renditions of ABBA classics akin to Pierce Brosnan in the aforementioned film. And you just know the judges are going to say to at least one male singer "ABBA's not your thing, is it?" and then criticise them for song choice or whatever. Do we really want to see Teale "JPEG" Jakubenko singing "The Name of the Game". Thank god awkward Tom Williams (not the Great Outdoors presenter!!!) got kicked off before we had to watch him butcher something like "Voulez-Vous" without him even knowing what the word means and that it's not an appropriate song for a sixteen-year-old to be singing on the moving picture box in Prime Time.

Nevertheless, Madame Bovary Parker should sing "The Winner Takes It All" and Roshani should sing "Fernando". They just should.

...Luke Dickens?


Joel said...

I would like to know how Thanh Bui is still around... Man he shits me.
And that is so true about Teale! Get em both off and be done with it.

Kamikaze Camel said...

TBH the first three have gone have all be rubbish so I can't complain that others are hanging around if it means having The Great Outdoors, Natalie Gauci 2.0 and RavePants out of the competition. What Luke Dickens was doing there at all in the first place boggles the mind.

elgringo said...

Australia loves Abba?
I love Abba!
Am I Australian?