Sunday, October 26, 2008

Regular Programming Will Return Soon

Despite watching two movies yesterday - neither of which were particularly good - I had no desite to actually write about them or any movies in general. As you can tell by yesterday's barage of musical goodies (and then some more!) I had other things on my mind. However, worry not you movie loving folk because I will soon enough be back on your wavelength again. I really want to write some movie reviews, but I'm not watching anything lately that's begging for that treatment so you'll have to wait for something like that.

So, yes, hold on tight folks. We're getting to "that time" of the year that every movie obsessive both loves ("So many must-see movies!") and hates ("So many must-see movies!") and I'm sure there'll be plenty to write about in no time.

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Syms Covington said...

madman just sent me stunt rock, deathcheaters, man from hong kong and dead end drive in so I got no shortage of choices. Tonight though I will choose sleep