Sunday, October 26, 2008


In shocking new developments (read: not very, but it's still pleasantly surprising nonetheless) the new single by Lily Allen, from her forthcoming album It's Not Me, It's You - I prefered Stuck on the Naughty Step, personally - is flat out BRILLIANT. Like, crazy amazing brilliant. Better than "LDN" - almost perhaps probably. That chorus is out of this world. If more songs used repetitive piano chords and electro beats in songs then there would be more amazing songs in the world, don't you agree?

Really, it's a stunner. Guess we have another album of the year contender (edit: turns out the album isn't out until 2009, so 'til then...) on our hands. Oh, the song is called "Everyone's At It" and it's about taking drugs (but now in the way you think). Amazing.


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Funny, first time I heard this I loved the layers, the sound, the density of the whole production, but the chorus didn't take hold it all.

Second time I heard it, the chorus took hold in a MASSIVE way, and it still hasn't let go.

I love Allen's busier, more aggressive productions -- I still don't know why "Take What You Take" wasn't a single -- so this bodes very well. Why must we wait until February?