Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Best Post Ever

It's tough coming up with my favourite post as was my mission for the blog-a-thon currently being run at He Shot Cyrus, run by the wonderful (and recently frequent commenter here at Stale Popcorn) Elgringo. Do I go with an entry that got a lot of comments? Do I go with an entry that got a lot of hits? Do I go with an entry that proved to be one I regularly relate back to? Or should it merely be one that I got the most enjoyment out of by writing it? Should I make it one of my regular features or a standalone?

Well, in the end I decided that my best post ever should be a culmination. It was a regular feature, it was one I was incredibly proud of, it was one that proved popular and that I regularly reference and it was also one that proved to provide this lil ol' blog o' mine with quite a few hits and brought a bunch of people to my blog that had never even heard of me before. What else could I go with but with the final entry in my 100 Greatest Movie Posters countdown.

After many months of counting down my own personal list of what I thought were the 100 greatest posters (although, as is true with any list no matter how recent or old, I'd change it now) that came to it's end when I announced the greatest movie poster of all time as...

To read the entire entry click here, or to see the entire list go here and here for links to every entry in the countdown.

And don't forget to jump over to He Shot Cyrus (no relation to Billy Ray or Miley, I assume) and check out what everybody else has said. You never know, you may discover a new blog that you'll grow to love. And if you came here through the blog-a-thon and had never been before, please stay around. I'm sure you'll love it. We do a lot of things here. We discuss Australian Film, movie posters, music, the Oscars and plenty of other stuff. We have frequently-reminded blog crushes on Jamie Bell, Hugh Jackman, Shia LaBeouf and plenty of others. We review movies and albums and regularly features include Poster of the Day, When Bad Posters Strike, This Week in Australia and Black+White Friday, which has quickly become the most popular feature here at Stale Popcorn. We even have our own end-of-year (er...) movie awards named The UMA Awards. So please do stick around. And if you don't like it, well you can get up and leave, it's not that hard.

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