Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm a Bad Person

Or am I? Is it really that bad that I want Young Twinks to happen just so I can watch it fail. Because I kinda sorta actually maybe want it to happen just so I can watch it fail.

It is quite frightening how alike they all look, isn't it?? Does drinking Jesus Juice do that to young singers? But, in the end, how much "effortlessly" tousled hair, big white shiny teeth and faux "I want to remain a virgin until marriage!" innocent grins can this country handle? Not much, I would hope, but never underestimate Australian teenage girls' ability to champion shite like a ragtag group made up of young pre-pubescent-looking tweeners wearing scarves and skinny leg jeans.

So, on final though, this must NEVER.HAPPEN.EVER.

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