Wednesday, October 1, 2008

IF Nominees Announced

The IF Awards are the hip version of the AFI Awards. I don't quite "get" them - festival films that haven't received a theatrical or even DVD release are included, making voting for them quite hard as well as the one actor per film thing - but they're important nonetheless. The entire list can be located here, I can't be bothered including the entire category names - "The Queensland Events Corporation IF Award for Best Actor" is as unwieldy as it is necessary I suppose.

The Black Balloon
Men's Group
Son of a Lion

The inclusion of guerrilla film Son of a Lion is noteworthy considering it was, for one reason or another, not eligible for the AFI Awards.

David Nerlich & Andrew Traucki, Black Water
Elissa Down, The Black Balloon
Peter Duncan, Unfinished Sky

I'm loving the nomination of Nerlich and Traucki whose direction on horror croc flick Black Water (review here) was career-making.

Rhys Wakefield, The Black Balloon
Grand Dodwell, Men's Group
William McInnes, Unfinished Sky

Is William McInnes the star of something? NOMINATE HIM! Isn't that a rule these days? However, I would have thought the IF Awards would have pulled a Lantana for Men's Group and nominate the entire male cast, considering they don't have a supporting actor category. Dodwell is hardly the film's standout (I thought the best were Steve Le Marquand and Paul Tassone). Also, are those hip IF voters aware they nominated a Home & Away star?

Gemma Ward, The Black Balloon
Maeve Dermody, Black Water
Monic Hendrickx, Unfinished Sky

Can I get a "HELL YES!" for the nomination of Maeve Dermody? I think it's in order. A rare amazing horror performance there so I'm glad she's up considering the AFI a) put her in supporting and b) probably won't nominate her. However, is Monic Hendrickx the first actor to ever be nominated for playing the same role in an original and the remake. She won awards for her performance in the original Polish Bride and now for the remake Unfinished Sky. Anybody know of another instance of this?

Denson Baker ACS, The Black Balloon
Jules O’Loughlin, September
Robert Humphreys ACS, Unfinished Sky

What a gorgeous category as always. I imagine we'll see these same three nominated for the AFI with somebody else thrown in - The Tender Hook's Geoffrey Simpson or maybe Xiaoding Zhao for Children of the Silk Road perhaps? I'm glad September popped up a couple of times, I was worried it would be too insular for audiences.

Michael Yezerski, The Black Balloon
Haydn Walker, Men’s Group
Amanda Brown, Son of a Lion

Roger Mason's music for September deserved to win here so why wasn't it even nominated? Grrr.

Nicholas McCallum, The Black Balloon
Sam Hobbs, September
Laurie Faen, Unfinished Sky

Umm... okay.

Veronica Jenet ASE, The Black Balloon
Rodrigo Balart, Black Water
Suresh Ayyar, Unfinished Sky

Rodrigo Balart!

Christopher Weekes, writer/director and lead actor, Bitter & Twisted
Jason Byrne, producer, Rats & Cats
Benjamin Gilmour (director) and Carolyn Johnson (producer), Son of a Lion

The team behind Son of a Lion will surely win this for taking their camera into Pakistan and making a film without anybody knowing. However, if Bitter & Twisted was eligible why wasn't the fantastic Noni Nazlehurst up for Best Actress?

Paul Pirola, The Black Balloon
Sam Petty, The Square
Andrew Plain, Annie Breslin, Will Ward, Unfinished Sky

Damn! The Square just can't catch a break. First nobody knows how to market it, then it flops, then it's AFI screening is on Grand Final Saturday and now even at the IF Awards it can't scratch up anything more than a measly Best Sound nomination.

The Burning Season
The Oasis
Playing in the Shadows

No Not Quite Hollywood? Hmmm...

All the other categories and nominees can be found here.


Matt Riviera said...

Not Quite Hollywood isn't the only film locked out of these "hip" awards... Where is the homo-erotic road movie Cactus? Where is the Cassavettes-influenced Three Blind Mice? Where is Scott Hicks' brilliant Philip Glass doco Glass? Bring on the AFI's I say, I'll take film-literate over hip any day.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Well, I don't think many people like Cactus, Three Blind Mice wasn't eligible if I'm remembering right and the Phillip Glass doco was... I dunno. Wasn't that screened at MIFF '07?

See, I don't quite get the criteria for the IF Awards, although I still like them.

The AFIs are going to nominate Cactus for anything either, I'm sure.

Matt Riviera said...

Three Blind Mice and Glass both screened at Sydney Film Festival, which is IF Awards accredited, so they should be eligible. I suppose it's a popularity contest so I shouldn't be too surprised. Besides I'm thrilled for Black Water which I thought was amazing.

roger federer said...

It's a crazy process but I will try to explain. Both Rising Talent and Indy Spirit are nominated awards - so filmmaking teams apply and these are shortlisted and judged by two separate panels. The rules apply to when the film was made, not released.

All the "craft" awards such as director, sound, editing etc are judged by specialist panels for each category while best film, actor, short, music video are judged by the public. Also films have to screen at IF eligible festivals (Dungog keeps refusing to avoid any competitive air) and filmmakers can choose to remove themselves if they feel their one screening: Playing for Charlie and The Horseman are examples, is not really representative of a "release".

roger federer said...

It is confusing. Yes.

I just stick to tennis.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Thanks, er, Roger Federer! It does actually clear it up. I was indeed wondering why The Horseman wasn't eligible but Acolytes was, even though they both premiered at MIFF.