Saturday, October 18, 2008

Duffy Will Rain On Your Parade

The new Duffy video clip is HI-LAAARIOUS! Dave at Victim of the Time has some funny comments to say about her "Rain On Your Parade" clip with a James Bond twist, but it's true that "the woman herself needs to get some life in her cheeks and learn how to tell the make-up man when enough is enough", and Duffy was clearly not paying attention during that episode of Welsh Idol where they get somebody to teach them "stage movement" (I imagine they do that episode once in every season, no matter what the country) because her boots were most definitely not made for walking, or dancing, or stomping, or even standing judging by the awkwardness on display here.

Nevertheless, I love the video. I just think it is so '80s. It, in fact, reminded me of two videos. Firstly, Tina Arena's 1990 hit single "I Need Your Body". So much backlighting and shadows and short outfits and weird nonsensical dancing!! I've talked about this amazing song before And, secondly, Kim Wilde's "Keep Me Hanging On". Wilde's stunning remake of the best song The Supremes (or Diana Ross solo for that matter) ever did shares many an aesthetic with Duffy's video. The spotlights! The prevalence of darkness! The washed out zombie face!

So, what have we learned from all this? A world of AMAZING, that's that!


Dame James Henry said...

It reminds me a lot of Judy Garland's "Get Happy" number in Summer Stock...except, you know, less fabulous. Love the song though. Is Duffy coming out with a new album or something? This song isn't on the American version of Rockferry.

Glenn said...

It's on the re-release. Because Duffy's album was just crying out for one of those, huh?