Sunday, October 26, 2008

Confirmation Aloud


I am here to confirm that, yes, Girls Aloud's Out of Control is phenomenal. I know a lot of people who read Stale Popcorn (particularly non Europeans) may just think whenever I talk about Girls Aloud I'm acting like a crazed loon and that these gals are nothing more than a throwaway pop outfit (because, oh I dunno, they're not male and don't play guitars and sing songs about "important" things), but to listen to an album like Out of Control is truly a transcendental experience. It is a euphoric, life-affirming, world-stops-turning moment. It is the sort of album that demands - nay, DESERVES - to be given the same sort of respect that is automatically given to whatever Bob Dylan throws out (you can insert any other Clint Eastwood-of-music type in there). I almost can't fathom how truly astounding this epic of an album is.

Out of Control will change your life.

Out of Control is a classic.

Out of Control is a masterpiece.

I'm rambling and can't quite think straight. I need to sleep and collect my thoughts a bit more coherently in the morning. A proper full review is obviously forthcoming, but needless to say it's an A+ experience. Truly stunning in every sense of the word.



Dame James Henry said...

Wow, indeed. I cannot wait to hear this album!

Kamikaze Camel said...

And considering that I wasn't as keen on Tangled Up and almost everybody else, this is quite a feat.

Catherine said...

I'm really, really looking forward to hearing this.

Oh, and I need to share this anecdote because I think you'll appreciate it: a few weeks ago, I was on my daily commute to college. It was a very cold, crisp Autumn morning in Dublin and I'm standing on the tram, trying to get a good hold on the handbar and not get squished by the other early commuters. My mp3 player was on shuffle. I was freezing and irritated by the commute and exhausted. I hadn't listened to Girls Aloud in a long time (you know how it is, sometimes you can neglect an artist for ages, even if you love them) and all of a sudden, Biology comes on.

And I actually started crying.

Crying! And not because of the cold or anything, but because it just hit me that this is a pretty near perfect song. And I was so happy it existed. I always cry at music I love, but it's never happened with GA before.


But wonderful!

Dame James Henry said...

Catherine, I had a similar experience with "Biology" too! One night a couple of months ago, I was driving home from work and "Biology" (which I had heard before many times) came on my car stereo. Well, I actually listen to the lyrics this time and the next thing I know, I'm gripping the steering wheel hard, practically frozen at the power of the song. It was so freaky because no song had ever affected me like that and it made me love the song THAT much more. It's utterly perfect.

Kamikaze Camel said...

If you haven't listened to "Biology" in a while then it's understandable to have a bout of insanity. Like "Wow, how come I'm not listening to this every second of every day for the rest of my life?" And then they release a new album and it kind of takes up all your time.