Friday, September 5, 2008

When Bad Posters Strike: Milk


Just yesterday I discussed how great the trailer for Gus Van Sant's Milk. Yet today comes the release of the poster (courtesy of Towleroad as you can see by the watermark grrr) and it's another story entirely.

This poster has me flummoxed.

Why is Sean Penn (as Harvey Milk, natch) placed left of centre? Why is he so separated from his surroundings? Why is the text in the credits block so impossible to read? How did the film's writer Dustin Lance Black get a credit before director Gus Van Sant? Did they deliberately turn out every ounce of homosexual content from the poster to make it more appealing to the casual filmgoer who may not actually know who Harvey Milk is (in which case the title will really confuse them).

I do, however, like the tagline. I think it's fitting and appropriate to the subject matter. Sean Penn really looks great as Harvey, and anyone who has seen him in person or on film can attest to that, surely.

It's just such a... blah poster. They could've really made it into an epic poster, representing Harvey as the important figure that he is, but if you saw this at a cinema foyer you wouldn't know any more afterwards than you did before.


Missy said...

Yeah, that poster isn't doing anything for me.

leah said...

if you don't look too closely, the background sort of looks like pouring milk!

J.D. said...

Yeah, what the hell is up with the background?! I keep thinking it's a church, which is monumentally weird.

Glenn said...

I actually think it's meant to be the halls of San Francisco's parliament. But that's just a guess.

JS said...

Sean, now is not the time to play "Where's My Neck?"

(Sorry couldn't resist. Bad poster bad! For making this poster make a corny post. :P )