Thursday, September 25, 2008

When Bad Posters Strike: Changeling

To quote Margaret Cho from the blisteringly hilarious I'm the One that I Want: "I had no idea I was this GIANT FACE TAKING OVER AMERICA!!!!HERECOMESTHEFAAAAACE!!!"

Hence, here is the poster for Clint Eastwood's Changeling starring - as if it isn't obvious - Angelina Jolie wearing a funny hat.


Look, there is not one single positive thing I can say about this poster. There really isn't. It's just TERRIBLE! Terrible in every conceivable way. From the plain and boring font to the annoying cavernous white space to ANGELINAJOLIESGIANTFLOATINGHEADOMG!!!!!!!!


I feel like it...


Sorry, everytime I look at it I get the horrible feeling like ANGELINA JOLIE'S FACE IS TAKING OVER THE GLOBE!!! Call CNN, there's a giant floating head on the loose. A GIANT FLOATING FACE ON THE LOOSE!!!!!!!


Absolutely terrifying!



leah said...

lol! a giant face with GIANT PUFFY LIPS to SLURP YOU UP! (insert slurping sound here) that little boy better watch out, looks like he's first to go

elgringo said...

Oh no oh no oh no oh no...

she's gonna eat that little boy.

Sally Belle said...

Oh my...that is one bad poster.

It does look like the attack of the ginormous woman... and her lips.


Lucy said...

This is a good movie with a good story. Angelina Jolie is good in the role of Christine Collins